Credit Card Knife

GET This $20 Credit Card Knife for FREE!

Ultra-Light and Ultra-Thin Utility Knife that fits Comfortably into your Wallet!

Credit Card Knife retails for $19.99, but we just ask that you pay a small shipping / handling
​​​​​​​to receive it for FREE! (just $4.97 anywhere in the world). 

Credit Card Knife

Credit Card Knife retails for $19.99, but we just ask that you pay a small
shipping / handling ​​​​​​​to receive it for FREE! ​​​​​​​(just $4.97 anywhere in the world). 

The Credit Card Knife transforms into a
​​​​​​​ well-balanced knife with a sturdy handle.

Credit Card Knife
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Pierson Family

"I was skeptical at first. But I just received my free Credit Card Knife. Exactly as stated, it's light, thin and fits every-where my credit cards do!" - Jamie

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"My daughter is so happy! She only takes her cell phone case with her and not a purse when she goes out. Well this amazing little knife fits right inside the case just like a credit card! Thank you!" - Fredrick

Don't Take It From Us... See What Our Customers Are Saying...

Credit Card Knife

An Absolute Must Have

The Credit Card Knife is just about the most useful and convenient item we've come across lately.

A knife is a must-have for the prepared adult (unless you've somehow evolved fingernails that are as sharp as steel), but not everyone wants to carry a separate knife or add more bulk to their already rotund keyring.

Credit Card Knife

Always Be Prepared

If the Boy Scouts taught us one thing, it's that adults shouldn't wear a uniform designed for boys. If they taught us anything else, it's to always be prepared. Thanks to the Credit Card Knife, you're one step closer to perpetual preparedness. And even though it folds down to the size of a credit card, the Credit Card Knife is perfectly balanced and features a sturdy handle.

Credit Card Knife

Not A Pain In The Wallet...

The Credit Card Knife is engineered to a thickness of only 2.2mm and weighs only 13 grams. Most conventional pocket knives are orders of magnitude thicker and heavier. You can keep the Credit Card Knife in your wallet and you won't even know it's there. Additionally, the Credit Card Knife is affordably priced so that you'll still have something to carry around in your wallet after you've bought one... (or ten).

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Is It Waterproof?

Yes! The Credit Card Knife is absent of any hinged parts that can rust. You can even toss this thing in the washing machine without fear of corrosion.

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Is It Sharp?

Yes! In our own tests, we found it to be incredibly durable and sharp as we sliced produce, aluminum cans, tennis balls, nylon rope, and more.

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Legal Implication:

Because the blade is under 3" long, most states do not consider it a concealed or deadly weapon. However, you should consult your local statutes for specifics. 

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Credit Card Knife

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